Shop Pay Is the Fastest and Best-Converting Checkout Experience on the Internet

A couple of weeks ago, a new payment platform was launched, the Shop App, a digital shopping assistant that combines the power of Arrive and Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Pay).



Since Shopify’s Shop Pay launch in 2017 until now, Shop Pay had slowly made waves with over 40M buyers using the platforms payment method regularly to purchase from Shopify stores.
A seamless checkout process is essential for a better buying experience and makes shopping just that much more enjoyable for buyers visiting any store with a fast, simple and easy to use checkout process. This is where Shop Pay comes in. Shop Pay increases checkout speed by up to 4X FASTER!
As you, our customers, complete your initial purchase with our store, or any Shopify store with Shop Pay enabled, you’ll see an option to save payment details to Shop Pay. During future purchases, the option to check out with Shop Pay is shown immediately to you and every customer who has already saved their information. Once you have downloaded Shop, if you haven't already, you'll receive personalized product recommendations based on your history with our store as well as any other store that's utilising the powerful Shop Pay platform, that you have a history with.


Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Want to make sure that you get the product that you've paid for, but tracking orders is just a frustration, right? Email inboxes are crowded and businesses use a wide variety of carriers. This combination has made it tricky for customers to get a clear view of the delivery status for all of their current orders


Shop gives customers accurate and timely updates on everything they order, across all online stores, from a single location. Shop syncs with a customer’s email to track their orders so they don’t need to fumble around in their inbox looking for order numbers or tracking info.



Customers also get a fully transparent look at when their shipment will arrive through Shop’s live map view and rich notifications. Shop helps set the right expectations and provides customers with peace of mind every step of the way.
Shop Pay is building a fundamentally new way to shop, making your online shopping experience with us, simpler, faster, safer and oh so much more enjoyable.


" So what are you waiting for? Try Shop Pay in our store today. "