Billing Policy

Billing Policy

Pricing & Checkout

The total cost that the customer will pay for his order will be reflected on the “Checkout” page and it will be calculated automatically on the “Checkout” page. The "Checkout" page is also where any coupon codes or gift card codes may be entered. If the code/s is/are valid then you will notice it's successful activation by the total payable within the "Checkout" page. This total will now reflect the total amount of all items withing the cart in USD, minus the value of either the coupon code or gift card code, depending on the code used and whether it is a valid code that has been entered.


FREE Shipping & Delivery

We offer Free Shipping to the USA & UK for orders with a value of $50 or more as well as to SA for orders with a value of $75 or more.


For Online Orders

We accept Shopify's Shop Pay Payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, Visa & Mastercard and PayPal as well as a few other lessor used payment options depending on your global location.



We don't charge any Sales Tax.




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